Sunday, September 14, 2008

Family Fitness!

Isn't this cute?! ? I stumbled upon this website a week or so ago and was completely charmed with its enthusiasm for kids and their families. As I browsed around, I decided that my 100 Mile ClubTM families could really benefit from the recipies, games, and activities located throughout the website.

Shortly after my journey through Family Fitness, I did what I always love to do...I clicked the CONTACT US page, and went straight to the source. I wanted to see if the person behind the site was as much of a match for us as I thought she might be. I then had the honor of meeting and chatting with the Family Fitness Coach herself: Tracy Glenn, a parent and family health advocate just like us. What a delightful conversation we had! We talked about 100 Mile Club, her vision for kids and their families, and how we might work together.

Turns out she is in Wisconsin...down south in the Milwakee area. We do have a school up in Superior, sooooo I'm hoping they can come together some time and help their families stay happy and fit throughout the year. For now, though, we have sent her some literature and information about beginning a Family Fitness Coach 100 Mile Club Chapter right there in The Badger State.

...or The Dairy State, a more fitting name according to more than one source...even their license plates say America's Dairyland. Did you know that Wisconsin means "grassy place" in the Chippewa language?

Anyway. I digress. (See what happens when I start Googling??)

Back to Tracy and her spectacular vision for families: has recipes, games, and family activities for all families, links to sites for even more recipes and games, local fun runs and festivals, and now a link to 100 Mile Club, too!! Take a look, and look for more partnerships with 100 MIle Club and Family Fitness Coach in the coming months! WOOHOO!