Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yup, I'm definitely a "doer"...

A shirt we saw at Eisenhower this week. So awesome!

If you are not making mistakes, then you are not doing anything. I am positive that a doer makes mistakes. ~John Wooden

So this week, I relied a LOT on that quote and so many others that talk about how ok it is to make mistakes and how this is how you learn, blah blah blah and on and on... Really though, making mistakes is a drag. A HUGE drag.

It seemed like every single day this week was mistake after mistake, and it took all I had to realize that:

  1. You can learn something from every mistake.
  2. Really terrific things can come from your circumstances (no matter how difficult) if you are open to the idea that everything happens for a reason and that what is meant to be will certainly find a way to come about.

Constant effort and frequent mistakes are the stepping stones of genius.
~Elbert Hubbard

Oooh, that one makes me feel way better. I'll take it. :)

Mistake #1. Not-Received FAX Order.

Monday. It turned out that one of our sweet schools in Big Bear (Hi, Baldwin Lane!!) had sent in a FAX order that we never received. Someone must have gotten it because it went somewhere, just not to us. :( Knowing that this enthusiastic school had been waiting for Teacher Materials for so long made me feel just awful. So, I did what any hyper-focused, slightly insane doer would do.

I estimated the number of teachers at Baldwin Lane based on their population, packed up 30 Teacher Materials Kits, dropped my daughter off at school, and drove straight to Big Bear. Hoping that the school was actually open that day (you never know), I decided that as long as I was doing whatever I could do to make the situation better, all would work out. Worst case scenario would be that Paris and I would have a nice lunch and hit the Alpine Slide on the way home. ok.

The school WAS open, everyone got their materials, and it all worked out. The principal was in the ofice that day and we chatted a while about 100 Mile Club and how it will fit in to the city's vision of a healthier community. Ahhhh, problem solved. Yay.

On our way home, my phone rang and it was one of my fabulous 100 Mile Club Head Coaches. I can't even remember why she called, only that for some reason she asked me where I was. OH! I told her, We had a major fax nightmare and I am up in Big Bear delivering some stuff. She gasped and told me that Big Bear was her old stomping ground, and then asked what school I was visiting. I told her, and again..she gasped!

(This is where I was reminded that everything happens for a reason...)

Baldwin Lane was where she had taught for YEARS, and the new principal was a dear dear friend of hers with whom she had not spoken in quite a while. She immediately hung up with me and called the school where the principal just happened to answer. After tears and laughter about all of the mixups and circumstances that led to their reunion, we all agreed that it was all meant to be. The two have reconnected and are going to visit one another's schools to help with 100 Mile Club. I didn't feel so bad about the FAX mistake after that.

Mistake #2. OOPS! Where is the back of the shirt?

On Thursday, I picked up a ton of shirts to put in incentive packages for delivery JUST in time for a number af assemblies. One Coach (The fabulous Michele Sapp from Tuscany Hills) even sent her unsuspecting husband to pick up her Incentive Package order for a really BIG school assembly the very next day. We got everything done just in the nick of time. Woohoo! I was feeling all sassy and accomplished because everything was almost done before the holiday week ahead. Yep.

My phone rang laaaate that evening. Turns out that the shirts that were picked up had no printing on the back! What? WHAT?? So, I did what any hyper-focused, semi-insane doer would do. I packed up a whole bunch of tees and woke up early early the next morning and drove to the school with replacement tees.

The great thing was that I got to visit their 100 Mile Club Morning Group and attend the BIG assembly. We snapped this photo at the end:

Our newest 25 Mile Club Kids at Tuscany Hills. And their shirts ALL have backs on them. :)

I was so thrilled and honored to be able to visit that I forgot that I was there because of a HUGE mistake in our shirt orders. It all worked out. It always does. Phew...

Mistake #3: You cannot turn right on red when exiting the 15 freeway on to the 79 in Temecula.

Yep, I got a ticket on Friday, delivering Incentive Packages. I turned right on red right smack dab in front of a mototcycle officer! Had I known or seen the sign, I certainly wouldn't have done that. Yeesh. Believe me when I say that I had a nice good cry after that one, and after the week that was behind me.

Then I stopped to think. What was the lesson here? There is one...there has to be one.

I needed to slow down. Mentally and physically. The ticket remided me to slow down and BE where I am, not be in such a rush to get to the next thing, and to (for Pete's sake!) read signs.

So this week, I am slowing down. (Yes, I am!!)

Be thankful for your mistakes. They will teach you valueable lessons. ~Anonymous

I am thankful to have the freedom to reflect on my mistakes and learn from them.

I am thankful for all of our 100 Mile Club Head Coaches who are fearless and fun.

I am thankful for all of our 100 Mile club Kids who inspire me every day.

I am thankful for my GPS, Gingerbread Lattes, and QuickBooks. And sushi. :)

But mostly, I am thankful for my family: My husband Glen, and my beautiful children, Paris and Millie Rose, my mom and dad, and my sister, Lora...they put up with my mistakes most of all.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Enjoy your week!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

100 Mile Club Kids Give Back at Love Walk 2009

I look forward to Love Walk for loads of reasons. The most important one, though, is that it is held at such a civilized hour!! I was able to get up, have a leisurely cup of coffee, and head over to Crossroads in plenty of time to get everything done. The warm sun shone down with that gorgeous light one only seems to get on a perfect Southern California autumn day.
It was a spectacular one, and our kids stepped out and made a difference
at LOVE WALK 2009.
Most of us enjoyed a quiet morning before heading over to the event, but not the Boltares Family!! They used their free morning to complete a quick little 5K run around Lake Norconian in support of the Norco Kiwanis Club and the Lake Norconian Foundation and THEN headed on over to lend a HELPING FOOT to Peppermint Ridge. They arrived right on time in their Norconian tees and ready to earn another one here at Love Walk. All in all, the kids ran 3.1 miles at the 5K (and came in 4th place, by the way!) and another 5 at Love Walk. Unbelievable! Here is the beautiful family ready for event #2:

Everywhere you looked, there were kids in red 100 Mile Club shirts...ready to go! The coolest thing, though, was that they all rallied in the spirit of The Ridge, put on their new Love Walk tees, and set off to make a difference.

The kids completed their first mile with the Ridgers and then had the option of running on for up to 5 miles credit. Oh my! They took full advantage of their time...some walking or running right till the end of the event.

Here are the Beautiful Wheatons holding up the number of miles they completed.

These cute little guys completed all five miles! Woohoo!

The 100 Mile Club has members of all ages! In the foreground, one of our 100 Milers from Garretson, and smiling in the background is one of our participants from Valencia Terrace. Both of these ladies outlapped me! :)

We snapped this photo near the end of the event. This picture represents, lets least 5 different schools. All told, there were *107* 100 Milers that actually signed our guestbook this year. Certainly there were some who didn't sign. There always are.

The following schools were all gloriously respresented at LOVE WALK 2009:

Vicentia ES

Valencia Terrace

Peppermint Ridge

Orange ES

Temescal Valley ES


Eastvale ES

Colony HS

Garretson ES

Washington ES

Barton ES

Harada ES

Todd ES

Rosa Parks ES

Susan B. Anthony ES

Raney ES

McKinley ES

Sierra Vista ES

Auburndale IS

Warner ES

Eisenhower ES

Franklin ES

Our top *6* 100 Mile Club Helping Feet schools from Love Walk 2009 are:

:::drumroll pleeeeeeease!!::::

(keep going!)

Is the suspense too much??







and in 1st place, winning a spectacular Disco Ball Trophy....

Orange Elementary!!!

We will deliver your trophy soon. In the meantime, know that every time you reach out to help our local charities by walking and giving back, YOU make a diffference. The love you give will radiate out just like the light coming from these fun little disco ball trophies.

Next up...

100 Mile Club's

Walk for Kids 2010!!

March 13, 2010

Cesar Chavez Elementary
Save the date!! Woohoo!