Sunday, January 20, 2013

Run4Kids 2013 (R4K24): The Evolution of a Buckle & Medal

Every year, planning Run4Kids is so much fun!  This year, with the triumphant return of our 24 hour ULTRAmarathon and Team Relay option, we had the daunting task of designing a relay medal for teams who finish a collective 100 miles, and solo belt buckle for our incredible ultra-endurance athletes who finish their 100 miles SOLO.  

(Yes, I said solo.  You should come see them...awesome!) 

March 16-17, 2013. 24 hours. 100 miles. All for our kids and for 100 Mile Club.  

We started with this adorable sketch...We found this drawing posted on our 100 Mile Club Facebook Page and a few other places too.  To save our lives, we can't figure out where it originated, but recall vaguely that it was from a little guy who was about to make his 100 miles.  We love the claw hands and the surprised/excited face.  We love the stick-up hair and the backwards 100 Mile Club Tee.  We just love it.  

If you know anything about the rockstar who drew this, PLEASEplease contact us...  

The fame of this little sketch grew.
It reminded us of a pretty famous painting.

The Scream by Edvard Munch
...and of the random drawings of one of our favorite running friends in the whole wide world, Pat Sweeney
(You can meet him at Run4Kids, too!)

The little pirate guy by Patrick Sweeney
 This funny little drawing took on a life of its own, showing up on profile pictures of some of the best ultrarunners out there.  There were lobbies for a 100 Mile Club shirt featuring this little guy, and we decided to do that and one (TWO!) better... 

It would be the center of our Run4Kids 24 hour ultra and relay.  We would use it on the tee and feature him on the buckle and medal for this epic event. Full-on kid-designed and inspired!

The sketching began.  We knew we wanted color on this buckle, so we just tossed it out there. Color. Ummm, how 'bout green?  Like the tees this year? 
aaaand purple.  Yea, purple.  Purple sounds good.

It was a total fail.  

The little drawing looked like he was suffering from oxygen deprivation.  The green was boogery and 100% no. I can't even provide a picture because I think I deleted it out of fear that it would get out in the world.  

It was bad. Back to the lab.

Colors?  How about the 100 Mile Club Logo colors?  

Scribble scribble... We decided to make the 3 colors look like a road or a track with the little runner running RIGHT up to you to tell you he made his 100th mile. 

The kid-drawing?  No color!  Just leave him alone.  He's perfect.  
(Though my rendering below does not do him justice.)

We sent it off and crossed our fingers. What came back was perfect.  

Above is our SOLO finisher buckle.  It's big, colorful, meaningful,  kid-drawn and kid-inspired.  

THIS is our relay team medal.  We liked the idea of separating the actual METAL colors but keeping the design similar.   We hope you love it.  We sure do. :)

Next up: THE R4K24 TEE!  Stay tuned!  Remember, the first 500 kids who register fo.r R4K24 get a FREE tee.  It will feature this little guy, too!  You don't want to miss it.  Click below to visit the Run4Kids website and sign up today!  See you there!