Thursday, January 1, 2009

Local Tracks: Dedicated to Coach O'Neil :)


May 2009 bring you health, happiness, and miles!

Many of our 100 Mile Club® schools have asked about the different types of tracks I've seen while I'm out and about.

Then, I promised Coach O'Neil (Hi Monica...sorry it took me so long) a very long time ago that I would take pictures of some of the paths and tracks we have around the Corona-Norco area. I am sure that there are others out there, but I took pictures of a few that were designed differently from one another.

At first, I was just going to email the pictures to a few coaches, but I thought others might be interested, too. Sooooo, here they are. Welcome to Track Tour '09!!

The first one is at McKinley Elementary. This track is really low profile, but stays dry almost year-round. With the exception of a few puddles that disappear within hours (without any squishy mud left over), this track serves us perfectly. It is in use almost every hour of the day.

The entrance to the McKinley track.

Notice that this track is only 3-sided. The kids run on the blacktop and hop back on the track when they enter the grass area. It works for us.

Coming around the South end of McKinley's track.

This side stays shaded most of the's right up against the fence so they only had to "do" one side on this part.
A close-up of the border and footing.
The bordering of this track is simply some sort of treated wood. The footing is decomposed granite. They dug downabout 4 or so inches all around and a load of DG was put in and rolled down. After the first rain and a few months more DG was added.
Next, Lee V. Pollard High School has a marvelous walking path. It meanders around and is landscaped so beautifully that it almost beckons you to get out and move! Like a little oasis at school. Look closely and you can see lights framing the entire path...

There are little outlet spots all around the path. I imagine people taking little chat breaks in there, maybe a picnic bench nestled in for lunch or break time, or maybe just stopping to tie shoes (goodness knows wee need shoe-tying spots!). They're like those pull out places when you drive up a mountain and you want to let people pass you. :)

Their border is some sort of aluminum...very thin but quite effective, and the path is filled with decomposed granite.
Finally, the site of our 2009 WALK FOR KIDS, Cesar Chavez Elementary School. We are all envious of this track!

It's a perfect 1/5 mile loop, about twice as wide as our other 2 paths, and is perfecctly flat. Spectacular!!

Their border is concrete on both edges and the track is, again, filled with decomposed granite.

Here is Chavez's track all decked out with 2008 Walk for Kids participants! This picture also helps to show how wide this track, huh?
Hopefully these tracks and paths will get your minds moving. If you have any good track/path pictures, send them over and we'll post them here, too.

No matter where you are, where you walk, or how you get those miles in, the important thing is to keep moving, do your best, and keep your goals in mind always.
As always, thank you for Accepting the Challenge, and we'll see you at Walk for Kids 2009 on March 14th!