Sunday, April 11, 2010


LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Sparks will celebrate and recognize The 100 Mile Club® and its members on-court on May 28th at STAPLES Center before they face the Washington Mystics at 7:30pm on Opening Night. Seats for 100 Mile Club® Families and kids are just $10.

The 100 Mile Club® is a physical fitness and life skills project for all individuals based on the goal of running (or walking) 100 miles at school during a single school year. Since 1993, the goal of The 100 Mile Club® has been to help their runners experience fitness and true personal success through attainable physical fitness goals. Students use life skills based on The Pyramid of Success, designed by the legendary basketball coach, teacher and 100 Mile Club® supporter, Coach John Wooden.

“We are proud to honor The 100 Mile Club®, as they share our desire to create a more fit Los Angeles,” said Sparks President Kristin Bernert. “We are looking forward to celebrating their accomplishments with them on Opening Night.”

By recognizing The 100 Mile Club® and their efforts, the Sparks continue to demonstrate their commitment to promoting healthy, active lifestyles for today’s youth. With the launch of the “Get Outside & Play LA” campaign, the Sparks will focus on providing ample opportunities for children to improve their quality of life and “get outside and play.”

“To be recognized by the Los Angeles Sparks is an incredible honor,” said Kara Lubin, founder of The 100 Mile Club®. “We are thrilled to spotlight The 100 Mile Club® and our fit, happy, connected 100 Mile Club® Kids at the Sparks’ Opening Night. The Get Outside and Play LA campaign is a perfect fit for our organization.”

The 100 Mile Club® continues to effectively raise awareness among students in Southern California by providing them with an affordable and life-changing fitness program. The life skills they teach of ambition, intentness, industriousness, honesty and loyalty are the very essence of what Sparks players strive to be both on and off the court. At the core of their program they share the same vision of building healthier, more active and stronger communities.

For more information on tickets for Sparks Opening Night, please call 877.44.SPARKS. To find out more about the Sparks community initiatives please visit and for more information about The 100 Mile Club®, please visit .

Warrior Dash: April 10, 2010!

"The greatest mistake you can make in
life is to be continually fearing
you will make one."
(Goodness gracious NO! this is NOT L. Ron Hubbard, the scientology guy! Click the link...)

Here's to the fearless who came out to WARRIOR DASH and raised $$ for their schools!!

From L to R: Michelle Sanchez, Lucy and Viv Silva, Elysa Quinn, and Sol Shapiro...ROCKING the Spirit Wear booth!
This was a new adventure for 100 Mile Club, and I have to admit, I was a little nervous asking people to come out and volunteer for something that we'd never done before.  But, as the quote says, don't be afraid to make a mistake.  Worst thing that could happen was that we walk away with a generous donation and say, Wow. Never gonna do THAT again.  We went for it...and had a BLAST!!

100 Mile Club was able to FULLY sponsor 100 kids through the Warrior Dash Charity Partnership on Saturday.  Sponsorships were awarded based on school/volunteer participation. Thanks to everyone who came out! That was the muddiest, most fun and insane day ever...but we walked away with $1000 for our schools.  I think I left with dirt in my a good way.  Plus, the Viking Hats!!  seriously? all worth it.

Here's how it all broke down:
  • CFIS- 12 kids sponsored (Lucy and Viv S., and Jaz)
  • CNUSD Lincoln- 4 kids sponsored (Shale S.)
  • PomonaUSD Lincoln- 8 kids sponsored (Lora and Dot L.)
  • Susan B. Anthony- 4 kids sponsored (Elizabeth S.)
  • Raney Intermediate- 4 kids sponsored (Tiff S.)
  • Garretson- 8 kids sponsored (Michelle S. and Elisa Q.)
  • Washington- 8 kids sponsored (Patricia H. and David B.)
  • Vandermolen- 28 kids sponsored (Jared, Tanya, Gary, Chris, Matt, Jill, and Coach Melissa!)
The rest of the sponsorships will be sent into our ABBIE Memorial Sponsorship Fund for use next year...thank you to the volunteers who came out!  It was great.  Hopefully we can staff 2 shifts next year and double our sponsorships! Who's in?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Question from the Mailbox...(AKAs Added by me!)

When we get letters that may benefit everyone, they are published in Letters From the Mailbox.  This one concerns a little girl who is slightly worried about getting her miles done, and a great dad who is eager to help her...but not sure how exactly to do it in line with the mission and principles of The 100 Mile Club.  GREAT question, GREAT response from his Head Coach.  Way to go, everyone!!

Dear Kara,

My daughter recently hit the 50-mile marked and was so honored at school, checking off the appropriate box on her shirt. With so little time left of the school year, we are trying to get miles as quickly as we can. She is off-track, but we plan to go to the school this morning to see if we can join in the 100-mile club activities.

I measured out a course near our home that is just over a mile. If she walks the course and I confirm it, is there a way for her to get credit?

We understand if not, but just want to see what we can do. Her other commitments have made participating in most other extra-curricular walks challenging.


Mike (aka A Very Cool Dad)


Here’s my thought, but you and your site Head Coach can work something out. It just can’t be special for one child…whatever you decide must be available to all kids. If you are in SoCal. There are SOOOOO many events coming up. Vicentia has 1st and 3rd Wednesday afternoons/evenings and Sierra Vista has their Second Saturday runs, as well. World Walking Day on May 8th is FREE and fun! There is Chad Zeller on the 15th and the 5K at Dos Lagos on the 8th of May. Anyway, check the calendar.

I know it’s hard, but allowing unlimited miles to be completed at home with just mom or dad opens a whole can of worms with kids and families (trust me). The commitment was to have her complete the majority of her miles at school with classmates, etc. Having her go to school and complete her challenge with her “team” according to plan would be the very best way to go. Doing anything else cheapens the process, so be careful when you decide what to do.

Talk to your head coach…she may have something special that you can have ALL the kids have the opportunity to do at your school. I would think that maybe logging 1 mile/week at home MAXIMUM would be ok, but that would have to be approved by your coach and opened to ALL of the kids, not just one or 2 and would require parent signature. Does that make sense?

Let me know what you guys figure out.



Dear Kara,

I think you are spot on. This would open a can of worms and you don't want hundreds of kids (and their parents) trying to work out their own process.

I am happy to just keep doing what we are doing and catch miles where we can.

Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

~Mike, AKA Very Cool Dad

And a thoughtful reply from their site Head Coach arrived just minutes later...

Hi Mike,

Students, who are off track, are more than welcome to come join us during our weekly walk times! :D We are out there Tuesday and Thursday mornings (8:00-8:20) and Wednesdays during the long lunch (11:00-12:30)! Since Mrs. Bakovic tracks miles in the classroom, I can keep track of what she does during her off track time! :D

All the Best,

Alice, AKA SuperSTAR Head Coach


Thanks, Alice. We actually went this morning and collected a few sticks. We plan to attend again as we are able and turn them in when she returns to school.

Have a great day!


With the support of her father and Coach, this little one will certainly make it to 100 miles this year.  We all believe in her, and she in herself.  I can't wait to see her with her medal!  Send pictures!