Saturday, June 13, 2009


So, what's our new tee shirt color?? Remember, every year ALL 100 Mile Club schools and groups have the same color shirt. We do this for very specific reasons...

What started as a simple way to cast a few votes and have a little fun picking our next tee shirt color quickly evolved into a massive Penny Vote Tour. As with most things 100 Mile Club-related, what started as a fun and silly idea, backed up with with lots of passion and energy ended up HUGE and taking over everything!! This was true once again with The Penny Vote.

Jared Walker, a former 100 Mile Club participant and very busy IB student at a local middle school, volunteered to lead the charge. It was a great service project for him! Jared set up a booth at Walk for Kids 2009 and collected pennies in these cool vortex-topped water bottles:

The vortexes were all Jared's idea, and were soooooo cool!!

Color choices for 09-10 were as follows:

  • Steel gray with white.

  • True Red with navy.

  • Forest Green with cream.
The kids (and adults!) had a ball watching the pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, and even dollars go round and round and plop in to the color of their choice. klink! klink! klinklink! The coins kept coming!

So much was being collected that we decided to donate it to a local charity...The Circle of Hope Family Shelter was chosen to receive 100% of the proceeds from 100 Mile Club's 2009-10 Penny Vote. I don't even know if they know that yet. Do they know? I guess at the very least they will be pleasantly surprised. :)

These funny-looking (but fun!) containers travelled all over Southern California, and kids, parents, and friends all cast their votes with spare change. All the while, our collection boxes were getting heavier and heavier. Yay!!

The Vote ended on Friday, June 12. Our intention was to hand count the coins...the reality is that we ended up a the local market, standing in front of the Coinstar for a reaaaalllly long time. We had to pay a little percentage. OK. A big percentage. But we got it done.

Are you ready?? After all was said and done, the results are:

  • Steel Gray with White: $51.70

  • Green with Cream: $67.12

  • Red with Navy: $110.65

TOTAL COLLECTED: $229.47 WOW! (This was mostly pennies, by the way.)

So, our new 100 Mile Club® tee shirt color for 2009-10 is:


And the best part is that we got to cast our votes while giving back to our community...Thank you to everyone who voted this year! This just goes to show you that if everyone gives just a little, we can make a BIG difference.

Great job, everyone. I think next year this will be even bigger! We will involve more schools and have an online donation platform, as well!