Monday, October 29, 2012

10 things about 100 Mile Club® that you may or may not know...

  1. 100 Mile Club® now has over 140 schools in 10 states and 2 countries!!  Japan is our new country. YAY! We are working directly with the DoD schools to implement a program in which both families and deployed family members can participate.
  2. We work on a very tight budget...our staff is small and mighty (just 2 1/2 of us)! Volunteers are the heart and soul of 100 Mile Club® and we love them dearly. We could not do what we do without our amazing volunteer base. 
  3. As I type, our website is being redone to better serve you and your kids.  We are so excited!
  4. Your school can host a 100 Mile Club® Family Night and open it to other schools and families.  It doesn't have to be fancy. Visit our calendar for ideas and send in YOUR event.  
  5. We have 100 Mile Club® SPIRIT WEAR! Hoodies, hats, tanks, backpacks, bling...for kids and grownups too! When our website is done, you will be able to go online to purchase goodies for you, your kids, and your school!  For now though, just call us and we will get you what you need.  OR stop in.  Which brings us to...
  6. OUR OFFICE HOURS: We are open M-Th from 7:30 am - 6:00 pm. Fridays we regroup our brains so that we will be fresh for our Saturday events.  
  7. 100 Mile Club® is federally a trademarked name, and we protect our brand (and you) with everything we have. In everything we do, say, send, or participate, we convey an image of who we are and what we believe. The 100 Mile Club® name and logo are synonymous with these beliefs.We must always maintain a clear vision of who we are and where we want to go. Our schools and groups all exist around these same values…we have all come together only because we believe in the mission of this organization. It is what drives us all, and it really makes a statement when we all stand together. 
  8. We encourage communities to use what they have to create meaningful events unique o them where our kids can earn miles.  Local hikes, mountain trail walks, park runs, and beach pier to pier runs are all encouraged by 100 Mile Club®.  As long as they are open to all,  hosted by a school-based volunteer, and measured accurately we think these events are GREAT! 
  9. Our new tee color will be voted on and chosen by YOU!! Online voting will begin mid-November.  Make your voice heard and help us pick the new tee color!!
  10. RUN4Kids is now a 24 HOUR EVENT for everyone and will include an ultramarathon option for adults!!  SAVE THE DATE!  March 16, 2013.

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