Monday, February 18, 2013

A very expensive trip.

I made a very expensive mistake on Sunday night. My laptop was sitting on the coffee table in our living room, plugged in and charging.  I tripped over the cord and sent it sliding off the edge of the table, in what seemed like slow motion.

It landed on soft carpet forcryingoutloud! but still it looked a little bit like this (only worse) when I picked up it's sad little broken body.

Poor guy.

So I spent some time with an old little bitty red laptop I've had for forever trying to revive and make it work for what I need.  No dice.  It was slow and outdated and sad.  


Lately I've been traveling more for 100 Mile Club. Not having a portable something on which to edit newsletters and blogs and projects and presentations and whatnot isn't really an option I did the inevitable and drove out to the Apple Store and bought a new stupid laptop.  It sucked and I complained the whole time I was buying it and surrendering the mostly dead PC to have it guts removed and placed into this new and pricey replacement made me sick to my stomach.  

Poor sales guy.

If only I would have not gotten up right then!
If only I wouldn't have taken that dumb old laptop into the living room!
I should have been more careful!

I tend to beat myself up worse than anyone else ever could...sometimes I think I do it to keep others from doing to me what I've already done to myself.  It's some form of self-protection or something.  Once I realize I'm actually doing this to myself, I stop and remember that it really is ok to mess up sometimes.  I remember to keep my eye on my mission and that I am ok. 

Someone very wise once told me that if you work hard, listen to the little voice inside your heart, and keep your eye on your goals, everything always works out the way it is supposed to.  

Step back and look at it differently and even bad days are good ones if you look at the big picture. 

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